Rokuhan layout PLAN B / 310 mm x 750 mm (12.21 in x 29.53 in)

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Rokuhan layout PLAN B for small space using crossing track 13deg (R020)
Approx. 310 mm x 750 mm (12.2" x 29.53")

  • R020 Crossing track 13deg 1pc
  • R030 Straight track 25mm 3pcs
  • R024 Straight track 55mm 3pcs
  • R001 Straight track 110mm 4pcs
  • R010 Curved track R95-45deg 8pcs
  • R011 Curved track R120-45deg 8pcs
  • R012 Curved track R490-13deg 8pcs

If you need to switch, add or expand the layout, dont hesitate to ask!

*A delay of 5-10 business day may be needed if some items are not in stock.

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