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About American Z Line

Reliable, Highly Detailed, Irresistible.

From our Mikados with tender drive and power pickup, our freight cars with separately applied etched metal parts to our passenger cars with road specific details, we take Z scale as seriously as you do.

About the FATHER NATURE Lost Inventory!

On December 23, 2002, Father Nature announced to the Z scale community a new line of 33’ woodside billboard reefers. Ztrack first ran photos of these cars in the January/February 2003 issue. This new body style with attractive historical advertising quickly grabbed the attention of Z scalers. John Kreider owned Father Nature, this was his first foray into Z scale rolling stock. Prior to this car release, John offered a line of Z scale accessories.

John partnered with Pennzee on the design and implementation of the line. The cars were produced for John by Bowser Manufacturing in Montoursville, PA., the products were distributed exclusively by Pennzee.

Father Nature packaged the cars in Model Power boxes. A small white sticker was applied to the box lid to hide the Model Power logo. Each box has a bright yellow insert and a vacuum formed cradle for the car.

The cars were sold as mixed four packs. The first release included the Heinz (5001), Pluto Water (5005), Gold Medal (5006) and Blatz (5007) reefers. In October of 2003, Father Nature released their second mixed four pack. Photos of these cars first appeared in the September/October 2003 issue of Ztrack Magazine. The four pack consisted of Edelweiss (5008), White Rock (5009), Berkshire (5010) and Crazy Crystal (5011).

This would be the last release from Father Nature. These cars were available for a number of years throughout dealer channels, but soon sold out. During the same period, John Kreider became ill. On January 29, 2010, John passed away at the age of 72.

The line quickly became a legend in Z scale and the cars were long sought after. Those new to the hobby searched them out. Over time, many of the original four packs were sold separately and single cars would occasionally be found on sites like Ztrack Resale. Pricing for the single cars rose quickly. It is not uncommon to see these cars sell for $50 - $150 per car.

Meanwhile, a rumor had been circulating that inventory remained of the original run. What was more intriguing was that the rumor included a notion that there may be cars existing that were never released. This rumor turned out to be true; these cars were produced but stored for a future release date. John’s widow, Kathleen, was in possession of the inventory including the never before released cars.

Kathleen passed away at the age of 78 on July 22, 2015. As the family began the process of settling her estate after her passing, the inventory was discovered again. These cars had been stored in boxes in the basement since 2003.

In April of this year, a post appeared on Trainboard stating that a number of Father Nature products would be sold at a train show. Ztrack reached out to the poster and was directed to Scale Model Railroaders, owned by John Cassel. John was working with the family to liquidate the collection. He confirmed the rumors of the cars, and more importantly, the lost inventory of unreleased cars indeed existed. Ztrack arranged a deal to purchase the complete inventory. This includes the remaining woodside reefers, as well as accessories, Pennzee card kits and other assorted Z scale products.

Ztrack is excited to introduce the four missing Father Nature cars to the Z community. These are: Old Dutch (5012), Pabst (5013), A&P (5015) and Yanks (5016). These cars will be released in their original form. The packaging carries the original labeling for Father Nature. Even though the contact information is no longer valid, we believe it to be more important to keep these cars as they were intended to be released.

In addition to the cars, Ztrack will be offering through our different channels the accessories and other assorted products. The cars and many key accessories will be available through Ztrack Distribution and our authorized dealers. Other products will be available only through Ztrack Center and Ztrack Resale.

John’s small role in Z scale is a lasting one. These early innovators of Z helped pave the way for where Z is today. Ztrack is honored to continue to share his vision with the Z scale community. In closing, I would like to honor John Kreider by ending this piece with the tag line that was included in his first email to me in 2002.

About WDW Full Throttle

Over the last decade, Full Throttle has produced well over one hundred unique, quality Z Scale products for your model railroading enjoyment!

Greetings, I'm Will, a Fine Arts graduate of Kutztown University in Pennsylvania who grew up in the Delaware Valley. I worked for 30 years with the Pennsylvania German Folklife Society. For ten years I had a permanent booth, each month showing my "PA Dutch" wares, at the country's largest under-roof Antique Market in Atlanta, GA. When Mom and Dad started to have health issues, I was forced to give up the nomadic life, but during my travels I came to love Z Scale Railroading, as I could easily take small layouts with me to the motels and play with my trains in the evenings!

Now that Mom and Dad are gone, and after many years of providing care for my "Pappy" in Florida, I find myself a homebody in the "Sunshine State" with a neat little business, supplying interested Z hobbyists with rolling stock and unique quality products!

About InterMountain Railway

InterMountain Railway Company (IRC) is a manufacturer of finely detailed model train rolling stock and locomotives. Specializing in HO, N, and Z scales, IRC has 100's of different models available, along with an extensive line of kits, parts, accessories, and wheel sets.

Distributed directly through our authorized dealer network, IRC ships to hundreds of dealers across North America and around the world each month. IRC also distributes other manufacturers items making them conveniently available to dealers and consumers alike.

About Micro-Trains Line

Our roots go back to 1940, when Micro-Trains® founders Keith Edwards and his twin brother Dale started making model train turnouts. They chose the name Kadee for their new enterprise. By the late 1940s, they had designed and patented the Magne-Matic® Coupler, which revolutionized model railroading. It provided a revolutionary new realistic looking and operationally superior coupler system. This HO scale coupler system soon became the standard by choice of the operational model railroader.

By the early '60s, the brothers began to manufacture their Magne-Matic® coupler system in a new, smaller scale, called N scale (1:160). Gradually they added wheels, trucks and under frames to their line of N scale products. In 1972, they took the next logical step and introduced a complete freight car to the N scale line. At that point, Micro-Trains® Line, was formed as a separate division. Soon, Micro-Trains® was in full swing, specializing in N Scale model trains, Magne-Matic® couplers, and accessories. Eventually added to the product line, were cars and couplers in Nn3 scale, (narrow gauge N scale) and the even smaller Z scale (1:220). In 1990, after continued growth and expansion, the original Kadee Co. was physically divided into two separate corporations. Micro-Trains Line® Co. Inc., one of the two new companies, retained manufacturing rights to all products in N, Nn3 and Z scale.

In the 90s, interest in N scale model railroading grew dramatically, as more and more people found entertainment and fun in the operation and collecting of this ideal scale. The phenomenal growth in the popularity and quality of N scale can be attributed to a great degree by Micro-Trains® efforts. Today, Micro-Trains® is the only model train manufacturer of any scale that offers more than 120 different styles of prototypically correct model train freight cars. The company's uncompromising standards of excellence are reflected in the uniquely accurate features, and exacting fidelity in the micro-fine printing and lettering that each freight car offers. The fit, finish, and detail of each item produced is celebrated throughout the railroad modeling community.

Micro-Trains® distributes these freight cars in a variety of forms; including single car releases, multi-packs, and complete train sets. In addition, the company specializes in providing 'Special Run' releases, customized to the exact requirements requested by clubs, organizations, and businesses of all types.To compliment the full line of prototypically correct freight cars, Micro-Trains® also produces a line referred to as 'Special Editions.' These cars capture a variety of popular, and fictitious schemes & heralds on freight cars that would otherwise never appear on the rails.

So, whether you're a model train operator, a collector, or someone who simply enjoys the highest quality models of any type, Micro-Trains® is the source, both today and tomorrow!

About Rokuhan

A new wind is blowing in the world of model trains in Japan. Our brand name is "Rokuhan". This name refers to the distance between the rails of 6.5mm.

So Rokuhan will specialize in Z scale railroad models and Z gauge track. The following are our company goals:

  1. Rokuhan will start our design of roadbed track including a range of curved, straight, track including turnout switches or points. Then, we would like to offer model trains, model buildings, a power pack or controller for our trains, and others accessories all in Z scale.
  2. Rokuhan is a group of technical experts. All of our products are planned and designed in Japan. Our production is in China.
  3. Rokuhan will produce products that take advantage of their small size which is the biggest feature of Z scale. Our focus is on the small layout, with small trains, and small structures, to provide model railroad picture which is fun for viewing, building, and of course, running and showing.
  4. All of Rokuhan products are made of a scale of 1:220.

Rokuhan started with the above-mentioned aims. We are all working toward making a new splash in the world of Z scale model railroading. In achieving these goals we would like to listen to our customers as much as we can.

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